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Michael is awesome! He’s constantly striving for excellence and professionalism! My husband and I have worked with MICHAEL since 2017 on more than seven different transactions; a home purchase, and six other refinancing transactions. Michael’s knowledge, outstanding attention to details, hard work, and honesty guided us step-by-step through all our transactions. We highly recommend MICHAEL for all your mortgage needs.

2 years ago
Shar G.
El Cerrito CA

I've used Michael on three transactions; a home purchase, a refinancing, and a Construction Loan where we are in the process of building our forever home. Michael has been PHENOMENAL - not only in his attention to detail regarding service, but in obtaining the best rates possible. I, for one, will not go anywhere else.

3 years ago
Jerry S.
Greenfield, CA

Michael helped me and my brother purchase our very first home. It was our first home so we did not know what to to expect. Michael guided us through and even though we faced some unforeseen circumstances, Michael was able to pull through and get the job done. Everything was done online and was submitted at our convenience. We would definitely work with Michael with purchasing again.

3 years ago
Abraham A.
Salinas, CA

Michael came highly recommended by my fellow physicians who had utilized his services. After researching him, I was very impressed by his educational background as well as his many business accolades. He closed my loan in 15 days and it was a stress free process. I highly recommend Michael for all of your home financing.

4 years ago
Dr. James N.
Los Altos Hills, CA

Best financing around!!

4 years ago
Lucian H.
Newport Beach, CA

Michael was highly recommended by a close family friend. I am so grateful to have received this referral. Michael Rodriguez is very professional, courteous and patient. He took extra time offering me one on one guidance with our process and he made sure all of my questions were answered. He also took the time to give me tips for the future. It is not easy to find someone with the expertise, professionalism, experience and most importantly someone that is trustworthy. On top of all that it meant a lot to me to feel his sincerity and kindheartedness every time we interacted. I would definitely reach out to him again. Thank you!

4 years ago
Patty R.
Salinas, CA

Michael has provided the mortgage financing for the Physicians and staff here at Kaiser Permanente for many years. His experience, knowledge and professionalism are second to none. I highly recommend Michael for all of your mortgage financing. This is the reason why he is America's Top Mortgage Broker.

4 years ago
Louis H.
Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Michael by a friend of mine from Carmel. Michael had provided the financing for the remodel of his house near Carmel Beach. As a professor who was in his final year of his contract, there were no lenders who could help me. I called Michael and he gave me a list of loan options and low and behold, just two days later, I received my loan approval. Michael called me with the good news and my wife and I were ecstatic. We had always dreamed of retiring on the Monterey Peninsula and if it wasn't for Michael our dreams would have never come true.

6 years ago
Lawrence T.
Pebble Beach, CA

Twelve years ago Michael financed my purchase of my business with an SBA loan. Since then I have grown my business into 11 locations and Michael has provided me with the financing. I am so thankful to Michael and I am sure that you will be as well.

6 years ago
Paul M.
Salinas, CA

Michael provided me with my very first home mortgage in 2002, I bought a fixer upper in Soquel which I flipped and then used the proceeds to purchase a duplex in Santa Clara. Michael financed this purchase and provided financing for my the Soquel buyer. I sold my Santa Clara house and bought a triplex in Saratoga. Michael provided me with the financing and as an owner occupant I was able to purchase with a limited down payment and I used the rental income from the other two units to qualify for the purchase. Now I am set to retire in 5 years and can rest assured in knowing that without Michael I would not have been in a position to do so. Give Michael a call.

6 years ago
Jay C.
Saratoga, CA

Michael helped me to secure the financing of my second home in Malibu. As a self employed business I found it difficult to find financing. However while golfing with my business partners I expressed to them my desire to purchase a second home in Malibu. My wife grew up in Malibu and we wanted our children to be able to experience the surf town experience that their Mom had experienced. They told me that Michael was the person I needed to speak with and after I spoke to him he was able to provide me with the financing to purchase our second home. Our family has never been happier. We are thankful to Michael and refer him to all of our friends and family.

6 years ago
Chance G.
Palo Alto, CA

I met Michael at Google's Holiday party in 2015. My colleague James introduced me to him as they were classmates at Stanford. I told him that I was in the market to buy a house in Mountain View and he told me about his available loan programs. I was able to purchase my house and with his advice I convinced the seller to provide me with a seller carry back. Two years later and I am sitting on a goldmine. I am near Google headquarters and have my eyes set on a rental property which Michael will finance.

6 years ago
Tom S.
Mountain View, CA

I was referred to Michael 21 years ago by a colleague of mine from the construction industry. Michael had provided the financing for the construction of his 50 unit apartment complex in South San Francisco. At the time I was looking for construction financing for the development of my 380 unit residential subdivision in the South Bay. I met with Michael and he asked me detailed questions about my constructions plans, my anticipated model home prices and anticipated groundbreaking date. Just a few days later he called me and let me know that he had secured the financing for my subdivision and I have been using his services ever since. A dozen subdivisions later and we are still teaming up and he finances all of my developments. I believe in loyalty and without Michael I would not have been able to be this successful. He will always be my preferred lender on my subdivisions.

6 years ago
Garry M.
Seattle, WA

Michael has an extensive education and is a perfectionist. He has his hand on the pulse of the market and economy. In fact, he helped me to purchase a rental property with no money down. You can't beat that. I'm a happy camper.

6 years ago
David G.
San Francisco, CA

Michael is very knowledgeable about the real estate and mortgage markets. Being first time home buyers we did not know the first thing about the process of buying a home until we met with Michael. He provided us with valuable information, a variety of options to choose from and he assisted us every step through the entire process. We have recommended him to everyone we know."

6 years ago
George & Gail f.
Carmel, CA

I want to let you know that if you are looking to refinance, purchase or sell your house then Michael Rodriguez is the only person to call. For the past 8 years he has helped me and other family members to purchase and refinance using the finest in loan products and the utmost professionalism. We are very happy with his personal service and dedication. You will be too.

6 years ago
Delia E.
Fresno, CA

I have worked with Michael as my preferred lender for 7 years. I recommend him to all of my clients and they couldn't be happier!

6 years ago
Karen S.
Beverly Hills, CA

Michael is the quintessential professional who is very experienced, knowledgeable and very hard working. I have financed my properties with Michael as well as those of my own clients.

6 years ago
Mitch R.
San Diego, CA

In 2000 Michael provided me with the financing to purchase my very first house in San Jose. I had so many challenges. I had a 591 credit score, had been on my job for just 18 months and needed down payment assistance. I had met with a dozen bank lenders just to be denied each time. I was distressed and I vented to a friend of mine who told me about the great experience that she had had with Michael. So, I decided I had nothing to lose and I called Michael. He carefully listened to my every word and then told me not to worry since he had the perfect loan program for me. I submitted my paperwork and within 48 hours he called me and told me that my loan had been approved. Wow! I couldn't believe it and he showed me a copy of my loan approval. That is when it sunk in. I was actually going to be a home owner. Now 17 years later I have turned my first home purchase into a portfolio of 8 houses and 2 apartment buildings. Michael has provided me with my financing for all of these properties. Give him a call and you will definitely be glad that you did!

6 years ago
Doug F.
La Jolla, CA

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